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2014 Fords Cup
Shenanigans II----------------------------13
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen-----3
Jonn Smythe:  Chris Mecca
Charity:  $125 for Marfan Foundation
Shenanigans II Wins Second Straight Title in Blowout Fashion

After ending Mike Venanzi's dynasty in the Tenth Anniversary Fords Cup, captain and Hall of
Famer Adam "Manhandle" Crandall is determined to start a dynasty of his own with
Shenanigans II.  The first to challenge his reign would be the Royal Canadian Kilted
Yaksmen, led by first time captain Slugger Silagyi, who edged out Jason Crandall and seven
other candidates in the captain election.  

This was the first time Venanzi was not a captain since 2009, but he made his presence felt
early as he opened the scoring just over eight minutes into the game to give the Yaksmen a
1-0 lead.  However, Shenanigans II quickly responded as rookie Joe Whalen scored a
minute and a half later.  Neither team was able to gain an upper hand before this period
ended as goaltenders Scott Mackie of Shenanigans and first overall pick Jeff Leidner of the
Yaksmen were dominant.

Just over five and a half minutes into the second period, Venanzi was called for tripping, and
second overall pick Chris Mecca converted on the powerplay to give Shenanigans a 2-1
advantage.  He then followed up with a goal 1:29 afterwards, opening up a two-goal lead.  
Not done yet, Mecca scored again three minutes later to complete a natural hat trick in a
span of 4:18, giving Shenanigans a 4-1 lead.  The Yaksmen would get a goal back as
Silagyi scored before the period ended, but they would have a two-goal deficit to make up in
the third if they were to come out on top in this one.

The Shenanigans came out hungry for more in the third period as Mecca added another
goal 1:16 into the period, Manhandle scored less than a minute later, and Mecca notched a
fifth goal not long afterwards, increasing the score to 7-2 just 3:41 into the third.  Manny
Ayales scored for the Yaksmen fourteen seconds later, but they were unable to use this goal
to spark the rally that they needed.  Instead, Shenanigans took over as Manhandle added a
pair of goals in the next four minutes to finish a hat trick and give his team a 9-3 lead.  
Whalen scored his second of the game under a minute afterwards, and Manhandle scored
his fourth goal of the period three minutes later, increasing the score to 11-3 with nine
minutes remaining.  Mackie and the Shenanigans' defense continued to deny the Yaksmen,
and the Shenanigans would add a couple late goals just for good measure as Mecca added
a sixth goal as he starts to close in on the all-time goals leaders, and Whalen finished his
Fords Cup debut with a hat trick to ensure a Shenanigans II victory by the final score of 13-3.

The Jonn Smythe Trophy for most valuable player was awarded for the second time to first
overall pick Chris Mecca for his six goals and two assists, including a natural hat trick in the
second period by which the Shenanigans took the lead and never looked back.  As a result
of the victory, $125 will be donated to the
Marfan Foundation.  The Marfan Foundation has
received more money from the Fords Cup than any other charity, now at $545 thanks to
Adam "Manhandle" Crandall's victories.  If he continues to assemble such high-quality
rosters, expect that number to grow as he closes in on Joe Costello's Ragtime Snipers' mark
of five consecutive Fords Cup championships.
Hockey for a cause!
Slugger Silagyi   7.609
Jason Crandall    7.478
Sean Caldwell     6.773
Chris Mecca       6.542
Chris Frolich     6.350
Geof Grek         6.300
Bryan DeMarco     5.400
John Iazzetti     5.000
Steve Toro        4.714
The Spring 2014 Fords Cup will feature a new captain as defenseman and
goaltender Slugger Silagyi has won the election, barely beating out Hall of Famer
and founding participant Jason Crandall.  Silagyi will take on Jason's brother
Adam, who returns as defending champion after orchestrating an 11-2 slaughter
that ended Mike Venanzi's dynasty in the recent Tenth Anniversary Fords Cup.

Slugger is among the most underrated Fords Cup players, as his strong defensive
play often goes unnoticed on the scoresheet, but has registered 11 points in 14
games in addition to a goaltending record of 2-0 with the third-lowest GAA of
all-time at 4.50.

Crandall has hoisted the Cup for a record 13 times, and as captain is currently 5-2
with two championships.  He is third in goals with 32 (only five behind Mike
Greaves' first place mark of 37), and second in assists and points with 26 and 58
in 23 games for an average of over two and a half points per game.  Like Slugger,
Crandall is also undefeated as a goalie with a record of 5-0 and a GAA just under
Slugger's at 4.60.
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen   Shenanigans II
Slugger Silagyi              Adam Crandall
1  Jeff Leidner               2 Chris Mecca
4  Mike Venanzi               3 Gregg Flakker
6  Sean Caldwell              5 Lenny Vovk
8  Manny Ayales               7 Bryan DeMarco
10 Dave Hannon                9 Joe Whalen
12 Nikhil Vaid               11 Scott Mackie
Draft Results
2015 Fords Cup
Mike Venanzi      7.688
Sean Caldwell     6.875
Chris Mecca       6.625
Chris Frolich     6.615
Steve Toro        5.462
Jared Pietz       3.938
Returning champion Adam Crandall will be looking to continue his Shenanigans II
dynasty to three consecutive Fords Cups.  Fittingly, he will be taking on Mike
Venanzi, whose dynasty ended at three straight championships when he was
defeated by Crandall in blowout fashion at the Tenth Anniversary Fords Cup a
year and a half ago.  Shenanigans II won the 2014 Fords Cup in a landslide as
well, defeating first-time captain Slugger Silagyi's Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
13-3,and Crandall is looking to assemble another powerhouse to continue his
reign.  However, Venanzi has proven himself to be one of the best captains in
Fords Cup history, and he will be looking for redemption this time around as he
continues his tradition of never using the same team name twice, this time naming
his squad the Iselin Illuminati.  Ironically, Venanzi is not from Iselin, but Crandall is.

Venanzi was a popular choice in this captain election, receiving the
second-highest average since the election switched to range voting in 2009.  
Coincidentally, the only person to receive a higher average was Adam Crandall
when he was the elected challenger to Venanzi's dominance for the Tenth
Anniversary.  This clash of the titans will either result in Crandall tying Venanzi for
the second-longest dynasty in Fords Cup history, behind Joe Costello's legendary
Ragtime Snipers, or Venanzi ending the dynasty that ended his as he hopes to
continue where he left off.
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Shenanigans II vs. Iselin Illuminati
Saturday, August 8, 2015
12:00 PM
Fords Park, Fords, NJ
Shenanigans II               Iselin Illuminati
Adam Crandall                 Mike Venanzi
1 Chris Mecca                 2 Joe Kowalski
4 Kenny Johnson               3 Chris Frolich
6 Mike Cicora                 5 Corey Bladzinski
8 Jared Knudsen               7 Adam Paradise-Asher
10 Jeff Leidner                9 Tim Shamus
12 Joe Costello               11 Slugger Silagyi
14 Nikhil Vaid                13 Lenny Vovk
16 Manny Ayales               15 Jake Hobor
18 Sean Caldwell              17 Scott Mackie
20 Mike Scank                 19 Deryck Truong
Draft Results
Shenanigans II
Captain:  Adam Crandall
Charity:  Marfan Foundation
Color:  Blue
Iselin Illuminati
Captain:  Mike Venanzi
Charity:  Melanoma Research Foundation
Color:  Red