Adam Crandall
Andrew Du
Sean Freeman
Dave Hannon
Jeff Leidner
Jim Little
Tom Lombardi
Matt Popan
LT Skrzypczak

Bhavin Amin
Sean Caldwell
Greg Cancro
Mike Cicora
Joe Costello
Alex Crandall
Jason Crandall
Andrew Du
Louis Esposito
Dave Freeman
Mike Goalie-ah
Allen Herbert
Adam Hulse
Jeff Leidner
Tom Nunziata
Taylour Sena

Lauren Botnick
Sean Caldwell
Alex Cole
Alex Crandall
Jason Crandall
Vik Dhabaldeb
Mike Goalie-ah
Bella M.
Amy Ortiz
Katie Ruiz
Kaitlyn Sena
LT Skrzypczak
Kate Torsiello
Shenanigans II----------------------------11
Iselin Illuminati-----------------------------5
Mike Anstett Memorial Trophy:  Slugger Silagyi
Jonn Smythe:  Mike Cicora
Charity:  $240 for Marfan Foundation
Hockey for a cause!
2015 Fords Cup
Mike Venanzi      7.688
Sean Caldwell     6.875
Chris Mecca       6.625
Chris Frolich     6.615
Steve Toro        5.462
Jared Pietz       3.938
Returning champion Adam Crandall will be looking to continue his Shenanigans II
dynasty to three consecutive Fords Cups.  Fittingly, he will be taking on Mike
Venanzi, whose dynasty ended at three straight championships when he was
defeated by Crandall in blowout fashion at the Tenth Anniversary Fords Cup a
year and a half ago.  Shenanigans II won the 2014 Fords Cup in a landslide as
well, defeating first-time captain Slugger Silagyi's Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
13-3,and Crandall is looking to assemble another powerhouse to continue his
reign.  However, Venanzi has proven himself to be one of the best captains in
Fords Cup history, and he will be looking for redemption this time around as he
continues his tradition of never using the same team name twice, this time naming
his squad the Iselin Illuminati.  Ironically, Venanzi is not from Iselin, but Crandall is.

Venanzi was a popular choice in this captain election, receiving the
second-highest average since the election switched to range voting in 2009.  
Coincidentally, the only person to receive a higher average was Adam Crandall
when he was the elected challenger to Venanzi's dominance for the Tenth
Anniversary.  This clash of the titans will either result in Crandall tying Venanzi for
the second-longest dynasty in Fords Cup history, behind Joe Costello's legendary
Ragtime Snipers, or Venanzi ending the dynasty that ended his as he hopes to
continue where he left off.
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Captain Election Results
Shenanigans II               Iselin Illuminati
Adam Crandall                 Mike Venanzi
1 Chris Mecca                 2 Joe Kowalski
4 Kenny Johnson               3 Chris Frolich
6 Mike Cicora                 5 Corey Bladzinski
8 Jared Knudsen               7 Adam Paradise-Asher
10 Jeff Leidner                9 Tim Shamus
12 Joe Costello               11 Slugger Silagyi
14 Nikhil Vaid                13 Lenny Vovk
16 Manny Ayales               15 Jake Hobor
18 Sean Caldwell              17 Scott Mackie
20 Mike Scank                 19 Deryck Truong
Draft Results
Shenanigans II Makes it Three in a Row

Hall of Famer Adam "Manhandle" Crandall was looking to turn Shenanigans II into a Fords
Cup dynasty with another win this year and join Joe Costello and Mike Venanzi as the only
captains to win three consecutive Fords Cups.  As fate would have it, he would be taking on
Venanzi's new team, the Iselin Illuminati

It took only a minute for Venanzi to open the scoring, but all-time leading scorer Mike Cicora
tied the game just 12 seconds later.  Rookie Tim Shamus countered 21 seconds afterwards,
putting the Illuminati back on top.  This lead was short-lived as well though, as Joe Costello
tied the game at two about two minutes afterwards.  Shenanigans took over later in the
period, as the all-time leader in goals, Chris Mecca, added three more to his count with a
natural hat trick.  Cicora added another goal, as did Manny Ayales to give Shenanigans II a
7-2 lead after just one period.

In the second period, Crandall had has team focus on defense as Mike Scank (no nickname
needed) kept the Illuminati from scoring in the second period, showing that perhaps he did
not deserve to be the last pick of the draft.  Meanwhile, Cicora wrapped up a hat trick and
Mecca notched his fourth to expand the lead to 9-2 going into the third.

Needing a miracle, Venanzi began to chip away at the lead with a pair of goals, giving
himself a hat trick of his own as he scored his team's first goal in over 46 minutes, putting
the score at 9-4 with 9:29 remaining.  There was time for a comeback, but Crandall scored
three minutes to later to put the lead back up to six.  Venanzi scored his fourth goal of the
game just 13 seconds later to make it 10-5, but that was as close as they would get.  Mecca
tallied his fifth goal of the game with five minutes to go, sealing the deal as the Shenanigans
would once again win big, this time by the final of 11-5.  In their three games, Shenanigans II
has scored 35 goals while giving up only 10.  

At the conclusion of the game, the brand new Mike Anstett Memorial Trophy was awarded
for the first time.  This trophy will be given to the player who most contributes to the Fords
Cup maintaining a fun and light-hearted atmosphere, and its first recipient was Slugger
Silagyi.  Mike Cicora became the first player in Fords Cup history to win the Jonn Smythe
Trophy three times, as he registered a hat trick and became the first player to reach 40
career assists.  He is now tied for second in goals with Adam Crandall and Mike Greaves at
37, two behind Mecca.

As a result of the victory, $240 was donated to the
Marfan Foundation, which has now
received $795 from the Fords Cup, and that number will continue to grow as long as Adam
"Manhandle" Crandall extends his dynasty.  He is two championships away from tying Joe
Costello's Ragtime Snipers' mark of five straight Fords Cups.
2016 Fords Cup
Crandall-Venanzi Rivalry Set for Third Round

In a very tightly-contested race, Mike Venanzi has been re-elected captain to challenge
Adam Crandall's Shenanigans II once again.  This will be the third showdown between
the two captains.  In their first meeting, Crandall ended Venanzi's dynasty at the Tenth
Anniversary Fords Cup in blowout fashion when Shenanigans II took down the Roselle
Park Red Bulls Sponsored by Monster Energy Brought to you by Rockstar by the final
of 11-2.  In 2014, Crandall's team thrashed Slugger Silagyi's Royal Canadian Kilted
Yaksmen before Venanzi was given a chance to end Crandall's dynasty last year, but
his Iselin Illuminati met a similar fate as they fell to Shenanigans II by the final of 11-5.  
Venanzi has once again been elected to challenge Crandall's reign, barely edging out
goaltender Mike Scank, who was running for captain for the first time.

The recurring theme in Crandall's empire has been drafting Chris Mecca first overall.
His opponents have been unable to stop this goal-scoring juggernaut, but this all
became possible in the first meeting between these two when Venanzi opted for taking
the second and third overall picks. Crandall chose Mecca first overall, Venanzi took
Joe Kowalski and Jeff Leidner, and the rest is history. Will Crandall win his fourth
straight Fords Cup, putting himself just one shy of the record set by Joe Costello and
his Ragtime Snipers dynasty, or will Venanzi regain the throne? Stay tuned.
Election Results
Mike Venanzi      7.857
Mike Scank        7.615
Geof Grek         6.583
Chris Mecca       6.500
Sean Caldwell     6.435
Draft Results
Shenanigans II
Captain:  Adam Crandall
Charity:  Marfan Foundation
Color:  blue
Lunar Lobster
Captain:  Mike Venanzi
Charity:  Melanoma Research Foundation
Color:  red
Shenanigans II                 Lunar Lobster
Adam Crandall                    Mike Venanzi
1 Chris Mecca                  2 Joe Kowalski
4 Joe Costello                 3 Gregg Flakker
6 Jeff Leidner                 5 Lenny Vovk
8 Adam Paradise-Asher          7 Sean Caldwell
10 Frank Aita                  9 Manny Ayales
12 Bart Cambria               11 Mike Scank
14 Scott Mackie               13 Matthew McCarthy